Welcome to Anthony Culler For Congress!

Do you believe corruption exists in our government & law enforcement community?

I KNOW it does!

I know corruption exists because I witnessed it with my own eyes.  I saw corruption devastate the most vibrant and special person I have ever known – my wife.  I watched in shame as evil literally ripped the childhood from the souls of our four precious daughters, taking pure innocence with it.  Try as I may, I simply didn’t have the power to stop it.

When this fight began, my family wasn’t politically active.  We were too busy raising our young children and working to provide for them to get involved with politics.  We learned the hard way that political apathy can prevent you from receiving help when being attacked by corruption.

We didn’t stand a chance.

Why run for congress?

The destruction of my family is the “why” I originally became involved in politics.  After watching corruption destroy my family, I made the decision to run for the United States Congress in the First District of Texas.  I vowed to restore my family’s rights and property and to do that meant becoming a politician.

Why should the people of East Texas support Anthony Culler?

In this next year I will present the reasons why I will be a better representative for the people of East Texas, but let me start with the core of my platform – Fighting government and law enforcement corruption.


Fighting corruption in our government and  law enforcement community isn’t often seen in a candidate’s platform.  I promise to change that.

Take it from someone who knows, our country desperately needs a member of congress who has been a “victim” of government and law enforcement corruption.   (Victims of crimes are sometimes the best advocates to fight against crime!  They understand the damage and pain caused by crime.)

We need “victims” who have fought over SEVEN YEARS for the restoration of their Constitutional rights.  We need a “victim” to speak up and say Nacogdoches Sheriff Thomas Kerss, President of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas at the time, committed FELONIES under color of law.

And we need a “victim” not only to run against corrupt career politician Louis Buller “Louie” Gohmert, Jr., but also someone who is not afraid to push for Gohmert’s impeachment for helping cover-up felonies that were committed by a corrupt “lawman” (Nacogdoches Sheriff Kerss) in his district.

My family and I are those “victims”.  We have cause and standing for this fight.

I wasn’t prepared in my first engagement with government and law enforcement corruption.  (But are they  prepared now?)

It’s true, I really didn’t understand politics when corruption in Nacogdoches destroyed my family, violated our rights, and stole our property.  I wasn’t ready, as I am now, to stand against them.  Not only was I naïve to the true existence of government and law enforcement corruption, I had no idea how they operated and the extreme means they were (and are) willing to go to protect themselves and one another.

I also didn’t think people would sell their souls for just a seven year reprieve.  (Or perhaps they simply underestimated the wrong family.)

Shout out to the corruption that destroyed my family… Justice has come due.

Please keep checking back to learn how the Culler For Congress Campaign is progressing.  (And the corrupt individuals we have brought to Justice!)

Thanks and God Bless!