Welcome to Anthony Culler For Congress!

Anthony Culler For Congress (TX-1)

The people of East Texas deserve a much better representative in Washington, D.C. than they currently have.

My name is Anthony Culler, and it may sound a little boastful, but I will represent you better than Louie Gohmert ever has.  How do I know this?  Because I can be trusted and Louie Gohmert cannot.


Louie Gohmert must go

Calling Louie out for his cowardice!

The Republican Primary isn’t until Tuesday March 6, 2018.  That will give you time to decide if you’re ready for a change.  That will also give me time to share with you how Louie failed my family when we needed a representative with courage and integrity.  Louie turned his back on us and the law, and in doing so, he failed us all.  This is a story you will need to hear before you vote in the 2018 primary.

Why you should vote for me

I don’t expect you to believe I can represent you simply because I prove to the world that career politician Louie Gohmert is corrupt.  But I will show you anyway.  And some voters may need more from their representative than understanding the importance of family.  But as you come to know me, through my wife and our four daughters, you will know I understand the importance of family.

I’ll lose some votes for saying this

Some voters strongly believe in the separation of “church and state”.  I don’t share that belief.

It is true that you will know me by my tenacity and willingness to fight corruption.  You will know me by my love of family, my work ethic, and my blunt honesty.  But above that, you will know me by this – I serve the Lord my God above all!

You can expect more success separating my DNA than separating the Spirit of God from me.  It is who I am.  I speak the truth so please vote accordingly knowing I have been forthright with you when it was not required.  (Many “experienced” politicians would have the good sense to keep their mouths shut on such matters.  I pray voters in East Texas will value my honesty above my failings as a politician.)

Do your job!

For anyone I have not scared off with my faith and bluntness, I will earn your trust and confidence based on the belief that you are hiring me to do a job.  A job I am qualified to do.  I will earn my way by doing my job and that job is to boldly and honestly represent the people of my district, my country, and my party.  (In that order.)

Yes you can count on me carrying my very strong beliefs with me to Washington, D.C..  And some of those beliefs, which I have not yet mentioned, are those of fairness, kindness, understanding, and loyalty to the people of the First District of Texas.  Should you choose to hire me for the job, I am prepared to be a servant to the people as the leaders in the Bible were servants to the people and the Will of God.

We may not agree on everything but let us agree on this – I am being hired with the understanding that I am to serve you!  Not the other way around.  (Too many career politicians, including Louie Gohmert, are very confused.  They falsely believe the people are here for them.  Louie has proven this throughout his career as evidenced by his refusal to readily meet with the people of East Texas.  He prefers to “cherry pick” only those who believe as he does or those willing to donate to his campaign.  Louie is a coward.)

Campaign time

I will work as hard as I can, in the time I have, to earn your vote.  I know I am the man for this job.  All I ask is that you give me the opportunity to represent you in congress.  I won’t let you down.

Thank you and God Bless!

In Faith,
Anthony Culler