Culler Files For US Congress

I’m now a candidate!

I was told many years ago that you’re not really a candidate until you file.  Until that time, you’re a prospective candidate.  Then in accordance with that line of reasoning I officially became a candidate for the United States Congress in the First District of Texas on Friday!

With my wife Renee’ at my side, and our four daughters all around, we took one more step to providing the people of East Texas with a representative they can count on to protect their constitutional rights.



Congress has too many career politicians

Do you know the only thing worse than a career politician?  A corrupt career politician!  Louie Gohmert is a corrupt career politician who looked the other way on felonies committed against my family.

The first thing I will do for East Texans is ensure that Louie Gohmert is removed from office.

But enough of that for now

Here are some videos and pictures of a very good day I had with my family in Austin!

Signing the paperwork

Pappasito’s in Austin on way home


The family celebrating at Pappasito’s!
A “family values” family for East Texans!
Future TX-1 Representative Anthony Culler? (He will be with your prayers and support!)